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Death and Life

Last year, I had the privilege of leading a retreat for about 100 teens in Denver. On the last evening of the retreat, I stepped out of room where Eucharistic Adoration was taking place, ran into a distraught-looking girl.  Without thinking, I asked her how she was doing. (The second I asked the question, everything inside of me answered it, “Duh, you fool.  Clearly she is not doing well.  Ask better questions.) Of course she said, “Not well.” Then, she elaborated, “My brother, he’s 10.  He has a chronic illness that could kill him.  I …

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New Life Means Dying

Psalm 102:2: Lord, hear my prayer; let my cry come to you. I cry out. I want all my needs met. This is my childhood program for happiness that refuses to let go. But it must go for me to truly live! My ego will never be satisfied as it will always demand more. As I was sitting in prayer mulling over the psalm verse above, I heard a voice in my heart say, “Yes, I know your needs…but what about the needs of those around you? What if you tried to satisfy their needs …

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Change Mediated by Sunshine

I work very strange hours for our parishes, and I have grown quite used to letting myself into deserted, dark church buildings.   The other morning, however, I had a wonderful surprise.  I walked into the room where our study group was to gather and the room was already quite bright.  At first I wondered who had left the lights on overnight, but then realized that the sun was shining in through the stained glass windows.   My heart immediately lightened. Sunshine!  Hallelujah! The season is changing and the days are getting longer! That’s the way winter …

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