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Expressions of Love

I was taking a walk around my neighborhood with my two daughters just last night, as we frequently do when the weather is good, right before bed.  Some days the two girls want to go along at more or less the same pace, and other days, not so much. This was one of those other days. Talia, the 17-month old, was stopping frequently, and we were getting to the point where I was ready to pick her up and carry her to get home before we were terribly late in meeting her bed time. As …

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The Season of “Patience”

What is it about January that I find so difficult? I don’t like cold weather, the Christmas season has ended, and Easter seems so far off. It is just a matter of getting through this hard time, putting up with it. But I think that it prepares me for those times in life when all one can do is try to get through a difficulty. It is this experience that I take with me to the Sunday liturgy, asking myself what can help me get through. There is the gathered community, seeing the same faces …

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Waiting On God

These last five years God and I have had some rather tense conversations.  Okay, I will admit a few of them have been rather loud arguments (at least on my part).  Sometimes I’ve just had enough of working in “God’s time.”  Enough already! How am I supposed to continue to model God’s unending mercy when instead I want to stomp my feet and hurl objects at that same God?  It can be really humbling to realize, when you’ve spent so much time studying prayer, theology and spirituality, that you are still a beginner when it …

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