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Paddling Upstream

One of the first purchases my husband and I made after our marriage was a 17-foot canoe. A few times every summer we drag it to one of our local state parks and paddle to our heart’s content.  Little is more wonderful than an early morning paddle on a misty, quiet lake.  It is a thing of peaceful beauty. Very few of us wouldn’t be happy with always having such water in which to navigate.  Sure makes life much easier when we can see where we are headed and the wind isn’t gusting in our …

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New Life Means Dying

Psalm 102:2: Lord, hear my prayer; let my cry come to you. I cry out. I want all my needs met. This is my childhood program for happiness that refuses to let go. But it must go for me to truly live! My ego will never be satisfied as it will always demand more. As I was sitting in prayer mulling over the psalm verse above, I heard a voice in my heart say, “Yes, I know your needs…but what about the needs of those around you? What if you tried to satisfy their needs …

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