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Wedding Jitters

And these were jitters at an international level. The last weekend in May we celebrated on our farm the marriage of our oldest son Dan to his Japanese wife, Erika.  The two of them, her parents and brother (none of whom speak more than a few words of English), flew in from Tokyo for a few days, and some 70 others then came  to wish the new couple the very best. In the end it was a beautiful celebration, and is our trademark…. different. Not only was it a “homegrown” gala – family and friends …

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Immersed in the Story

Some people can work numbers in their heads faster than I can begin counting on my fingers and toes. Some are gifted with the ability to make everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world. Others can size up a situation in no time flat and succinctly offer a reasoned solution. Me? From an early age, I knew that there was a mystery at play in the world that many others couldn’t see. I was, and am, drawn to the ancient stories—the beginnings of the world, the Quest, and self-sacrifice. I …

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