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The Gospel’s Tough, Kid!

As a seminarian, I was assigned to live at a local parish. One of my duties there was to assist the pastor in setting up for Mass and other services. One day I was readying for a baptism, getting out the oils, candle, baptismal garment, and last of all, filling a basin with water to eventually be blessed and poured over the child’s head. I had been preparing a basin of warm water, when the pastor questioned me, “What are you doing? Are you using warm water?” I said that I was and explained how …

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Move-In Day at the Seminary

As tens of thousands of 18-year-olds descend upon colleges and universities for “move-in” day, a smaller number (seventeen in total), but wiser (average age 28) group of new students arrived on Sunday, August 26 to move into Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary. Each begins the 5-7 year process of discernment and preparation for priesthood. Since time immemorial, move-in day at the seminary has been marked by the returning seminarians moving the “new men” into their rooms. With carts and dollies and muscle power, the new seminarians were amazed to find all of their belongings hoisted into their …

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