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Dorothy Day: Are We Ready to Call Her A Saint?

I introduced my students to the Catholic Worker movement and Dorothy Day recently. I say “introduced” because despite the majority of my first-year college students having backgrounds in Catholic high schools or at least parish catechesis, only one in all seventy of them had ever heard of the Catholic Worker. Our discussion of Day coincided nicely with a recent piece from Religion and Ethics Weekly on her life and the road to sainthood. While the idea of “St. Dorothy Day” is a welcome one to many of us in the Church, we are left to …

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The Big Picture

Even though we are part of a universal church, our outlook is usually local simply because that is our most direct experience of Catholicism. We experience the parochial more than the universal Church. Taking the effort to expand our horizon is well worth the effort, as I realized anew last week at the Social Action Summer Institute at Bellarmine College in Louisville. Because the Social Action Summer Institute took place in Kentucky, there were many participants from the Midwest. But I also met people from New York, Florida, Arizona and Oregon. The presenters were largely …

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