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I Get By With a Little Help From My “Friends”

Of the many popular and not-very-insightful things people say about the Internet, the comparison between “friends” online and those people who actually know our voices or who might show up at our birthday parties is one of the more difficult to contest. Naming all of our Facebook connections “friends,” some have argued, cheapens the designation and confuses the depth of true friendship with the breadth of online relationships, only shadows of their “real” counterparts. I am sympathetic to this argument, but only to a point. I find it more helpful and more interesting to move …

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If We’re Adding to the Noise

What’s it gonna take to slow us down to let the silence spin us around?  These are some of the lyrics from one of my favorite bands in a song titled Adding to the Noise. The song goes on to implore the listener: turn off this song If we’re adding to the noise turn off your stereo, radio, video  These are the lyrics that ran through my head as I read the recent Message from Pope Benedict XVI for the 46th World Day of Communications titled Silence and Word: the Path to Evangelization. In the …

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