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An Accomplice in a Happy Death

Did you know that St. Joseph is the patron of a happy death? The explanation is really beautiful. St. Joseph is the patron of a happy death because he died with both Jesus and Mary by his side. Who could hope for anything more for that last, most difficult journey we all must take? My Grandfather just passed away. He was in his nineties, so I knew that his days were limited. For the past few years I have included in my daily prayers a prayer for the intercession of St. Joseph – that he …

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The Strong Silent Type

St. Joseph is known by such titles as Light of the Patriarchs, Guardian of the Virgin, and Protector of Christ.  He is a mighty example of everything that it means to be a father, a husband, and a man.  Yet, not a single spoken word is credited to him within the scriptures.  Perhaps there is a valuable lesson for us in this reality.  I have experienced so many pastors and directors of religious education who bemoan the fact that they cannot attract the male fellowship involvement they would like.  Perhaps men long for St. Joseph’s …

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