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Children Love A Good Story

 Just the other day, I was sitting down for dinner with my wife and two children.  After prayer, my son, Michael immediately jumped in with, “Daddy, I want you talk about day.”  This is his four-year-old expression for asking me how my day went. It’s just a little ritual that has developed naturally over the last year.  We each take turns going around the table describing all the big events of our day and how they affected us.  The kiddos mostly talk about toys and tv shows.  Mommy and Daddy mostly talk about errands and …

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The Storytelling Animal

I just finished a book whose title gives a reasonably accurate definition of what it means to be a human being: The Storytelling Animal. Its subtitle also captures an important truth about stories: How Stories Make Us Human. This book explores the many different kinds of stories in our lives: dreams, daydreams, novels, films, games, and the sacred stories we tell to understand our faith. The really important stories are those we tell about our lives. These stories guide how we live and affect the way we see ourselves. A recent novel entitled Faithful Place …

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Immersed in the Story

Some people can work numbers in their heads faster than I can begin counting on my fingers and toes. Some are gifted with the ability to make everyone feel like they are the most important person in the world. Others can size up a situation in no time flat and succinctly offer a reasoned solution. Me? From an early age, I knew that there was a mystery at play in the world that many others couldn’t see. I was, and am, drawn to the ancient stories—the beginnings of the world, the Quest, and self-sacrifice. I …

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