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The Loss of Summer

This time of the year is always a hard one for me because I love summer so much. Morning light is coming later each day and evening darkness is arriving earlier as well. The warmth of the summer sun is slowly dissipating and tinges of cool fall days becoming more frequent. I even enjoy the hottest of these summer days if I can be close to a swimming pool to jump into for cooling off. One of the things I do every day is follow the weather information in the daily paper, checking especially the …

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I grew up with the attitude that nature was to be controlled and, if necessary, “fought” with in order to survive its onslaughts. Winter especially was a difficult season with its cold and snow, which got in the way and made living difficult. Cold was something I couldn’t stand and I spent, it seemed, the entire wintertime freezing. Spring was better because there was at least some warmth, but it never seemed warm enough, long enough. I spent many a soccer practice or game in wind and cold rain, surviving but barely. Summer was the …

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Summer Reading List

Little League is over for the season.  Vacations are in full swing.  The heat is rising and the cool of the pool and the indoors are beckoning. Time to figure out what to read. I decided to go to the best source in Cincinnati for the latest and the greatest in Catholic books.  I called Dan Giroux at The Catholic Shop in Madiera and asked him to put together 5 or so books that would be great reads. He came through with the following recommendations.  The descriptions are a paraphrasing of the publisher descriptions for …

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