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Life is Difficult

“Life is difficult,” the opening sentence of the bestseller The Road Less Travelled by Scot Peck, has been a guiding statement for me ever since reading the book. It is a reminder of the challenges that all of us face as we live the life we’re given. I’ve discovered that my ranting and raving about life being unfair doesn’t seem to change reality much, so somehow I need to deal with what is as it is. A second reflection I’ve come across over the years is the thought that what life presents is a challenge …

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Faith to Move… Me

I like to think of myself as a lilies of the field type person, trusting in God to take care of me. This philosophy has stood me in good stead. I turn my worries, fears and problems to God, and God helps me through. I think that scripture provides many examples of people who did well with this outlook. Abraham trusted in God to provide him descendents. Moses trusted God to help him free the Israelites. Mary trusted God in all things. Sometimes, of course, God makes unexpected requests of those who place their trust …

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