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What I Hate And Love About Moral Relativism

One thing that the vast majority of sane, moderately intelligent people in this country can agree upon is the fact that the philosophy of relativism has had a dramatic effect upon our modern culture.  To some who embrace it as a great achievement of human progress, the word possesses an almost holy connotation.  I’m not kidding.  I have met such people.  To others, the word is a vulgar machination on par with most four letter expletives.  Then of course, there are those among us who have adopted drastic relativistic perspectives in our lives without even …

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A Public Faith

Recently, I came across a book entitled A Public Faith: How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good” by Miroslav Volf of the Yale Divinity School. There was much I liked about the book, but there were two ideas I found especially attractive. The first was how important it is for Christians who speak publicly about issues relevant to our faith to speak in a Christian way. We are called as Christians to love all, even those whom we perceive to be our enemies. Thus it seems important not to attribute to them evil …

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