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In Search of a Balanced Life

I literally just returned from vacation to the southwestern part of the United States. I arrived home at around midnight and have been back into ministry with three meetings so far today (as I write this).  This trip was a first in a long time for me. It was strictly for the purpose of play. My life has usually been home visits (my family lives further away), school during slow times in ministry (typically in the summer), trips for conferences, and silent retreats. This vacation was a different concept from any of these other travels …

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An Oasis During Lent

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of a week’s vacation in Costa Rica. This was hardly a sacrificial experience for the 2nd week of Lent, as I played in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean with my oldest daughter and two granddaughters, lounged on the huge verandah, and fell asleep to the cacophony of what sounded like a million tropical insects. We did eat modestly. Beans and rice were on the menu for dinner most nights. The area where we stayed is far from the tourist centers, and so the small local …

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Vacation Purgatory

My family took a short trip to the Smoky Mountains National Park recently and I think I discovered Purgatory.  Down in Tennessee it goes by a different name: Pigeon Forge – perhaps you’ve been there?  If you have, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s tantalizingly close to paradise, you can hardly get to the mountains except by going through it, and it seems interminable.  I’d expected Gatlinburg to be bad, but nothing prepared me for Pigeon Forge.  I mean, there we were, after 325 miles and 6 hours of driving, deep in …

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