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50th Anniversary of Vatican II

Happy Anniversary, Vatican II! I don’t remember Vatican II, since I was just two years old when the Council opened, but I have to say that this council was certainly the single most impactful event of my faith life. I think of myself as a child of the Council because the implementation of its reforms unfolded right along with my development as a Catholic. To me, a changing Church was the normal church. I experienced enough of life before the reforms happened to realize that for many Catholics, the Church was the one thing that …

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Participation in the Liturgy

2012 marks fifty years since the opening of the Second Vatican Council.  When thinking of Vatican II, most people think of the changes in liturgy that it brought about, and when people think of Vatican II’s changes in liturgy, they usually think of the shift in language from Latin to the vernacular, and the priest turning around to face the people. These changes, while obvious and easy to see, are only a hint of what Vatican Council II intended for the reform of the liturgy.  As many remember, the key to the liturgical reform was …

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Vatican II and the Living Church

Recently I participated in a committee meeting of my congregation, the Sisters of the Precious Blood. It was a gathering of our Vocation Ministry Committee. I came away energized as I do with most community meetings but this one was different. Upon reflection, I realize it was different for me than some of our other meetings of women religious simply because the committee members include the addition of four people who are not Sisters, two women and two men. More importantly, they are members of the millennial generation.  What is energizing about working with the …

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