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Saving An Endangered Species

In today’s world, I am nearly a statistical non-entity.  It’s not that I’ve done anything all that extraordinary or impossible.  I haven’t set a world record, achieved the highest SAT score, or discovered a life-changing cure. Rather, when I married this summer, I had not cohabited with my fiancé, had enjoyed a chaste dating and engagement time, and now, in marriage, am not using contraception. The three C’s – chastity, cohabitation, contraception.  The first we assume is a dinosaur of age’s past, and the second two we assume are the proud actions of everyone.  I …

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It’s Not Easy Being a Woman

Kermit once said, “It’s not easy being green.”  Such is no longer the case.  Green is “in.”  Green is hip.  Green is as convenient as purchasing the cloth grocery bag, conveniently located right next to the convenient scan-it-yourself aisle.  Green is available at farmer’s markets and specialty stores and even regular grocery stores.  Green is loudly touted by the media, by the teachers, by the government. But, you know what’s not easy?  It’s not easy being a woman. This thought struck me as I opened a new bag of bread on Monday morning.  As I …

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Wonder Woman Syndrome

My wake-up call is five o’clock. My prayers of thanksgiving for the new day are placed early on. Two miles maybe three depending upon the day. I’m usually on-line no later than six-fifteen. I am there until I have responded to all emails for committees, boards and of course long-distance family members.  Emails completed it’s now time to make lunch and check the day’s schedule for my teen-age son. Once my morning chauffeuring job ends, I begin my daily routine.  Any errands that require running, medical appointments and of course, the unplanned emergencies. At least …

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