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1/168th: Another Way of Looking at Sunday Mass

When we think of our duty to worship God on Sundays, we probably consider the time we are “giving” to Him. Sunday Mass takes on average about an hour – some places less, some places more – or approximately 1/168th of our week. Even so, this minimum requirement of the Church to worship God each Sunday is not so minimal to some (we know that less than 25% of baptized Catholics in the U.S. attend Mass every week). And while it is true that many make sacrifices to attend Mass in the midst of the …

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Rounding Third and Heading for Home

This year, opening day fell the day after Easter. Two events that serve as harbingers of spring—no matter what the weather is—in the closest possible proximity. They are days that give us hope that winter will be ending sooner than later and that the long, hot days of summer can’t be far off.  (I personally am much fonder of heat than cold, so this is a time of celebration for many reasons.) For me, this time of year also signaled that I am in the home stretch of my “initiation” into life at a new …

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