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Archdiocesan Respect Life Action Training

A training for high school youth passionate about LIFE issues to help them: KNOW more fully the breadth of the Catholic church’s teaching on a consistent ethic of life; SHARE more effectively their relationship with Christ and discuss a clearer understanding on controversial topics; LIVE the ethic of life by learning of a variety of ways they can work for life and justice in their own schools and communities. For more information and to register, go to www.catholiccincinnati.org/arlat/

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The Young Church of NOW.

When I tell people that I’m a youth minister, many well-meaning and wonderful people will say something like, “Oh that’s such important work. After all, the young people are our future.” Since those conversations usually are in passing, and by and large the folks who say things like this have the best intentions, I mostly respond with a smile and nod then say something affirming. But if I have a little more time, I like to politely disagree. You see, I don’t believe that young people are the “future of the Church” – and here’s …

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Standing in a Field with a Million Friends

A month away from my freshman year of college, I stuffed my backpack onto the bottom of a bus and took off with about 50 young people heading north to Toronto. Three years later, I squeezed the same backpack into the overhead compartment on an airplane carrying excited young people to Cologne, Germany. Another six years after that, I was chaperoning a group of high school students as they nervously boarded a plane – some for the first time – on our way to Madrid, Spain. Each of these treks to other countries was ultimately …

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TRU DAT: Amen!

With the junior high kids in their classroom during one of their first days of school, I heard about one of those electronic shorthand phrases that is used in email and such things. It was new to me: TRU DAT. To a text or a tweet, they told me, I can respond, “TRU DAT,” which means, “That’s right. I agree.” It is a like a church full of believers giving the preacher an, “Amen to that!” I asked the kids to pay attention on Sunday, because I was going to try to use that expression …

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Game Changers, Part II

Fr. Satish wrote his thoughts about game changers for youth and young adults’ growing indifference to the Church. Part one is here. He continues his thoughts now: Church In the Marketplace Before I came to the United States, I spent a year in Lyon, France, learning the practical dimensions of pastoral communication. One of the concepts that I became familiar with was proposed by an immensely respected pastoral communication guru, Fr. Pierre Babin. He spoke about the “Church in the market place.” What he was referring to was the paradigm shift in the way we …

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Credo (I believe) in Our Young People

During the last week in June, I had the distinct privilege of participating in a week-long retreat for Catholic high school students. The Credo retreats are designed to introduce our young people to the four themes of the catechism.  This one, which took place in Maria Stein, Ohio, was based on the theme of prayer.  As you might guess, the planning team had a few reservations about running a four-day high school retreat based solely on the theme of ‘prayer’.  That is a lot of praying over a short period of time for ninety teenagers.  …

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