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Vision Steering Committee Members

The Vision Steering Committee was formed in November of 2010 and expanded in February of 2011.  The Vision Steering Committee is comprised of representative stakeholders. The committee membership includes:

1.)           Mr. Dan Andriacco: Communications Director of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

2.)          Mr. Greg Bell: Parent of one student at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic School.
Advisory board member of the Xavier University Center for Catholic Education.
Member of the Board of Limited Jurisdiction at Purcell Marian High School.

3.)          Mr. Jim Frede: Business Manager for Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and School.
Member of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council.

4.)          Mrs. Karyn Hecker: Principal of Immaculate Conception Catholic School in

5.)          Ms. Kathy Kane: Principal of Our Lady of Victory Catholic School.

6.)          Fr. George Kunkel: Pastor of St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church..

7.)          Fr. Jim Manning: Pastor of St. Mary’s Catholic Church (Dayton) and President of
Alter High School.

8.)           Dr. Laura Meibers: Deputy Superintendent (Dayton Office). Parent of one
student at Royalmont Catholic Academy.

9.)          Mr. Mike Miller: Principal of Fenwick Catholic High School.

10.)        Mrs. Karen Mueller: Board member of Badin Catholic High School. Former Badin

11.)          Sr. Patrick Ann O’Connor, SC: Retired principal and teacher in the Archdiocese.

12.)         Dr. Jim Rigg: Director of Educational Services and Superintendent of Catholic