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A one-time Archdiocesan grant is available for Parish Catechists to help them participate in the Vocare certification process. Thanks to the generosity of donors to the One Hope One Faith One Love Capital Campaign, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is helping with the cost of launching Vocare in parishes. This grant is to be used by Catechetical Leaders, Pastors, or Vocare Administrators on behalf of catechists who come to them requesting help with payment of Vocare. After other options have been exhausted, the grant may be available.

Since the Vocare Certification Process allows for 3 credits to be achieved outside the Catechetical Institute online learning environment, the grant is initially issued in the form of a coupon (within the Catechetical Institute) for 7 lessons within the Institute. The Parish Catechetical Leader or the designated Vocare Administrator for the parish completes the form below. There will be no public announcement made concerning this fund. The first-time request should be made for 7 lessons, followed by a 3-lesson request if outside credit is not attained within the year. The Office for Evangelization and Discipleship will grant requests based on the information provided and the remaining available funds.

All coupons will expire 365 days from the date of purchase.

Vocare - Grant Request Form

Approval form to receive credit within Vocare