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Vocare - Inspire - Catechist Reflection Guide

  • Please answer the reflections below

  • Reflect: Fr. Dave said that it is the Love of God that gives beauty and meaning to the human person. How do you experience this and how do you share it with others?
  • Reflect: Our faith life is not supposed to be lived in fear and in a locked room. Describe encounters with the Holy Spirit that moved you out of fear or a 'locked room' in your heart.
  • Reflect: Describe the occasions where you have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. When have you felt the Spirit's peace? fire?
  • Reflect: When we read the scriptures about Mary and the Holy Spirit, it becomes clear that God had a plan and he uses various people, who submit to the Holy Spirit, to bring forth his plan. How is it apparent that God has a plan for your life? Who are the people who are a part of this plan?
  • Reflect: It is essential that our stance before God is one of being open. What does it look like for you to approach the Lord with an open spirit? Are you open to receiving whatever God wants to give you?
  • Reflect: As Catholics we believe that Sunday Mass is spiritually the most important time of the week. Do you approach Mass in that light? How do you prepare to attend liturgy?
  • Reflect: There is an innate desire in each of us to be chosen. We have been chosen by God and God’s Spirit wants to place this reality on our hearts. Describe what it means that God – knowing everything about you – has chosen you as his adopted daughter or son.
  • Reflect: A grace of Confirmation is the ability to spread the faith by words and actions. Was this your experience of Confirmation? Perhaps that grace needs to be stirred up? How will you do this? How do you see the Holy Spirit working in your life personally and in your ministry?
  • Reflect: What words would people who know you best use to describe the fruit your life produces? How about those who are merely acquaintances? Is there a difference?
  • Reflect: The Holy Spirit led Jesus and can lead us to the desert. What experiences have you had in which you experienced his presence 'in the desert?' How has Jesus been with you in the midst of your suffering and struggles?
  • Reflect: In the spiritual life, becoming more aware of our sin doesn’t separate us from God, but rather it has the capacity to draw us closer to him. Also, in what seems to be a paradox, when we get closer to Christ we become more aware of our sin. The more light we have in our lives the more we are able to see into the darkness. How have you experienced this?
  • Reflect: Freedom is such a rich, powerful word. What stirs in your heart when you hear that God wants you to be free? How would your life be different if you were experiencing greater freedom?
  • Reflect: What is your experience of each element of the kerygma: God’s love, that we are sinners, that Jesus came to rescue us, and the personal choice to follow him? How have you witnessed the Holy Spirit working through you and your students?
  • Reflect: What are some practical, specific ways that you can help yourself better remember all that God has done for you? In the busyness of your day how do you make time for God?